India, as a whole, has gone through a wide range of changes, and the education aspect of this country also took part in it. In the olden days, the main reason behind education that is establishing schools and colleges was to produce literate man, not even women. Today, the purpose of education in India is to deliver global citizen who can compete with the contemporaries from developed countries. And the present education system also focuses on giving equal rights to both men and women. Students from the top schools and colleges of India are regarded as bright and young students with a futuristic mindset. There are thousands of scientists from India who are excelling in the fields of science and technology, mathematics, etc. These students can make the country proud in multiple ways while making their mark in the world stage. They contribute their best to the developments of the world and give their best effort in everything they do. All these good traits are instilled during their early days of life. By early days, it means their primary, high school, and college life. The type of education system followed in India helps the students to excel and bring out their best in everything they do.

Earlier the education system in India was a traditional method where students would go to a teacher’s house for learning. But today with globalization and development of technology, every aspect of our life, including our education system, has changed. The gap between countries with varying development stages was also enormous. This gap has also been reduced to a large extent, and the world is regarded as a smaller place in today’s time. The modern education system focuses primarily on development and world peace, and accordingly, the education system started changing. The policies and norms of the schools and colleges changed drastically, and the type of values instilled in students also changed. There was an introduction of co-curricular activities which focus on the all-round development of the students and not only academics. There are also lots of changes in areas like pedagogies, student teaching approach, and assessment, etc. These changes led to schools with an excellent method for the overall development of students.

Schools which aim at giving world-class education to the students are considered better these days. Such schools aim at helping the students to excel in both academics and social life. So letting your kids study in such school is like securing the perfect future for them. So choose schools that emphasize more in the overall development of your child. In case you are looking for one such school in the Delhi NCR, then check out GIS, Ganga International Schools.

GIS which is based in Delhi NCR is an initiative of Pawan Ganga Educational Society which is set up in a stress-free environment. GIS was established with a vision to develop young minds into more active and creative forms and to inculcate a sense of understanding and compassion for others. Set in the year 2014, GIS has well-experienced and trained faculty members who are dedicated to the welfare of the students. Being a residential school, GIS focuses primarily on the overall development of the students and turning them into a global citizen. Along with academic excellence, GIS also focus on the participation of the students in multiple other co-curricular activities.

At GIS, innovative techniques are used to enhance lifelong learning through varied instructional strategies, technology, interdisciplinary units, and multiple intelligences that promote leadership quality in students, sportsmanship, integrity, academic excellence, etc. GIS also provides a reflective, active, and creative learning environment. Such an environment provides support and encouragement to the students for all-round development of them in different aspects like spiritually, morally, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. At GIS, students get a chance to develop his or her potential to the fullest through integrated curriculum activities. Students also get an opportunity to grow in grace and enjoy freedom through knowledge at GIS.

GIS is also known for the quality education provided here to the students. What set apart GIS from the rest of schools in India is the well-experienced teaching staff. The primary mission of GIS is to create a community of learners that work together in a challenging and safe learning environment which encourages enthusiasm, dignity, independence, involvement, and responsibility. So sending your child to GIS will be a wise idea.

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