For the general development of a kid, the curriculum is not just a single requirement. To establish the numerous elements of character development of kids; our class mentor is procured with co-curricular activities.


The School believes strongly in the all-round development of the child. Thus physical, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic and spiritual growth are harmonized. A vibrant kaleidoscope of co-curricular and extracurricular activities provides ample opportunities to grow in confidence and develop a sense of healthy competition.


The school has a number of clubs as a part of the life skills program, each initiated to fulfil numerous the secondary objectives, like the development of the skills needed for life with a common primary objective which is to bring education closer to life.


GISians often go out on trips adventure camps and excursions within the country and abroad. This exposure to the diversity of cultures and traditions is one of the most precious and priceless opportunities that any student can hope to have. It helps them to accept the diversity.


Throughout the year, the school is also abuzz with a whole lot of other activities in the areas of music, dance, theatre, sports and art & craft. The school organizes annual events such as Annual Day in order to give the student ample opportunities to showcase their inherent talents, and appreciate the same in others. The Days of national significance like Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Children’s Day and Teachers’ Day are observed to give the children a wide exposure. Festivals like Eid, Janmashtmi, Dussehra, Diwali, Gurpuraband Christmas are also celebrated in order to give the students a secular outlook. Throughout the year.


The school provides the extra edge for success through professional career guidance and counselling based on the latest tools and technology. Aptitude and potential are analyzed on the basis for an effective guidance. Students’ welfare and advice services are also available. Our counsellors help the children to ease into their home away from home, shedding their initial blues. Individual care is given, when needed, for the emotional wellbeing of the students.


‘Student Exchange Program’ has been started to provide opportunities to experience the global cultural diversity. These two way students’ exchange programs help the students to become familiar with the academic, cultural and lifestyles of people and countries, thus gaining exposure and insight into the world around them. Our institution has entered into partnerships with other likeminded institutions worldwide for conducting an effective students’ exchange program.

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