In the dim-lit room, by Dhruv Bharadwaj


In the dim-lit room, I gamed away,
Mom burst in, temper astray.
“Monsters and quests, in this digital haze?
Enough! Come out, and end your daze!”

A scowl on her face, a thunderous frown,
I paused the game, feeling my heart pound.
“Enough of pixels, and virtual delight,
Reality’s here, and it’s time for a fight!”

She sighed in frustration, a mom’s stern call,
“No more gaming, it’s time to enthrall.
Chores and duties, in the real world you’ll face,
Put that controller down, leave the virtual space!”


Changes are mandatory by Sejal Dabas


I am not the same person
I was last year
Or the year before
And while that might seem scary
Because people stoped recognizing me
For who I once was.
I remember that
Who I am changing into now
Is someone I always dreamed of.
Poem by Sejal Dabas

Posters on G 20 Summit by Skarma XII and Phunchok Norbu XII School Calendar A


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