The Inter- Ganga Folk Dance Competition, held on 9th February 2024

The Inter- Ganga Folk Dance Competition, held on 9th February 2024, brought together five schools to showcase their cultural prowess and artistic talents. The event was marked by vibrant performances, showcasing the rich tapestry of folk dances from various regions.
Amidst stiff competition, our school’s participants demonstrated exceptional skill, precision, and artistry, captivating the audience and impressing the judges. In the Traditional Folk Dance Sub-Junior category, our team’s rendition of Rajasthan captivated the audience with its authenticity and energy, earning them the coveted gold medal.
Our students in the Junior category, once again mesmerized the audience with their innovative choreography, seamlessly blending traditional elements with contemporary flair in the folk dance of Maharashtra. Their performance exuded creativity and originality, securing another gold medal for our school.
The victory not only celebrates our students’ dedication and hard work but also underscores the commitment of our school to promoting cultural heritage and fostering artistic excellence among our students.
We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the participants and everyone involved in making this triumph possible. This achievement stands as a testament to our school’s commitment to excellence in all endeavors.

Huge congratulations to all the Sustainability Superstars.

 So proud of our sustainability heroes!  Huge congratulations to all the Sustainability Superstars who received Appreciation certificates, sustainability badges, and Amazon vouchers for their outstanding commitment to making our planet a better place.
Your dedication to sustainability is inspiring and shows that every small action can make a big difference. Keep up the amazing work! 
 Students thanked our school for giving them this incredible opportunity to shine in their skill class and showcase their passion for sustainability. Together, we’re fostering a generation of change-makers who are making a positive impact on our planet. Keep up the fantastic support!

Trailblazers of Sustainability: Celebrating Our Achievers

Trailblazers of Sustainability: Celebrating Our Achievers”
We’re thrilled and humbled to have been recognized by @GoSharpener for our unwavering commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals!  It’s truly an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with esteemed organizations who are at the forefront of driving positive change.  Together, we’re making significant strides towards building a more sustainable and equitable world for all.
The event was not only a celebration of our collective efforts but also an opportunity to come together and inspire each other for an even greater impact. The insightful discussions and contributions from panelists shed light on innovative approaches and solutions to pressing global challenges.
Congratulations to award winners
Aditya Jha Class V
Aarush Class VIII
Somay Kundu Class IX
They have set an inspirational example of what young people can achieve if given the tools, guidance and opportunity.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who plays a part in making positive change possible. Let’s continue to push boundaries, collaborate, and innovate as we strive towards a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come!

Ganga Int'l School's "Joyful Harmony" Extravaganza

The Annual Cultural Event on 23rd Dec. 2023 at Ganga Int’l School, Hiran Kudna was a dazzling spectacle, emphasizing the theme “Joyful Harmony – Happiness Gala.” 
The programme, organized by the Pre-Primary and Primary Wing, was a reminder of the school’s dedication to holistic development alongside academics.
Distinguished Chief Guest Ms. Nagma Khan, Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate and GIS alumnus inspired students, instilling pride. The function commenced with an enchanting Ganesh Vandana for a prosperous start; a soulful welcome song set the tone.  Artistic expressions included the mesmerizing Umbrella Dance, a Hindi Skit promoting academic-mind balance, and a Fashion Show embodying nature’s elements. Grand Finale showcased diverse talents, echoing the importance of holistic well-being.
The Cultural Event was a testimony to School’s mentor Dr. Sushil Gupta’s Holistic Education vision, guided by Chairman Mr. Bharat Gupta and acknowledged by Director Col. Ashok Kaul. Meticulously planned Annual Cultural Event, inspired by Principal Ms. Swati Joshi, was a resounding success. 
Ganga International School remains dedicated to molding individuals who excel academically while embracing well-being and empathy.

Congrats for winning Gold 🥇 and Silver 🥈 medals at the Delhi State Olympic Games 2023-24!

Huge Congrats to Sejal Dabas, IX A, & Vinit Dabas, Class XII H, for winning Gold  and Silver medals at the Delhi State Olympic Games 2023-24!
 Sejal Dabas is also selected for Khelo India Championship! 

Radiant Rhythms: GIS Cultural Extravaganza

Ganga International School’s grand cultural spectacle, “Symphony of Radiance – Ganga’s Cultural Kaleidoscope,” held on December 24, 2023, left an indelible mark on attendees. IPS Mr. Shashank Kumar Sawan, Superintendent of Police and GIS alumnus, graced the event as Chief Guest, his motivational words resonating deeply with students, combining the prestige of law enforcement with the nostalgia of school days. 
The cultural journey opened with a mesmerizing Ganesh Vandana, creating a spiritually charged ambience.  Holistic well-being took the spotlight in a captivating Yoga segment, aligning mind, body, and spirit. 
Zumba took center stage, infusing the air with pulsating energy and rhythm, keeping the audience grooving to the beats.  The Street Play brought to light the need for reforms in the education system, prompting thoughtful contemplation on the evolving educational landscape. 
A thought-provoking skit explored the theme of Positive Change in the era of artificial intelligence and social media influence, entertaining while inspiring reflection on contemporary norms.
The Manipuri Dance and a powerful Women Empowerment performance added cultural depth.  The Grand Finale, a visual feast of diverse talents, left everyone spellbound. 
The entire event reflected the vision of Holistic Education championed by founder Chairman Dr. Sushil Gupta, implemented under Chairman Mr. Bharat Gupta’s guidance. Director Col. Ashok Kaul lauded collective efforts, motivating the GIS team, while Principal Ms. Swati Joshi’s meticulous planning and zealous inspiration ensured the Annual Function’s resounding success.
GIS reaffirmed its commitment to shaping empathetic, well-rounded individuals

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