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For students who are trying to achieve wholesome quality education in a not so formal manner, boarding schools are the best answers. These boarding schools offer a wide range of curriculum activities and opportunities to their students for multi-dimensional growth. Such education helps in making the students more articulate, friendly, and good-natured. Moreover, students from such educational backgrounds are more creative and have rational thinking due to their mode of bringing up with questioning minds.

Delhi being the capital of India and with its vast range of prestigious colleges and schools, the infiltration of students from other parts of the country keeps on rising. The rise in numbers of such students led to an increase in demand for boarding schools in Delhi, which further led to the education system a primary mode of business for many. So, to make things easier and simple for students who want to achieve quality education in the boarding schools of Delhi, here are five essential elements to be kept in mind:

Curriculum activities

Curriculum activities should and should not be taken lightly as it is the root of the social nature of a child. So, too much strictness will lead to a stiff behavior of the child, while complete negligence may lead the student being deficient in every way in the future. Boarding schools with great emphasis on multiple curriculum activities should be preferred. This will help in making the students more social, creative, and also develop a rational mind early on life.


The infrastructure of a boarding school should not be ignored at any cost for the well-being of the students. The support here includes the type of rooms being provided to the students both for class and hostels. As boarding schools mean staying on the same campus as the school, the power and water facility should also be scrutinized as a lack in any of these items may hinder the well-being of a student.


More than anything else, the budget is the most important. Choosing a boarding school that is within reach of your wallet size is quite remarkable. This will lead to a smooth and tension-free education for your child. Always opt for budget-friendly boarding schools without compromising on the quality of education. It may seem hard, but hard work always pays off, so do not stop looking for the best.


Delhi is considered one of the worst city with a high crime rate for outsiders, especially women, so be very specific in this regard. Choose a close location, consult experts, or experienced ones, and find a place that is safe for your child. Boarding schools with strict and genuine wardens should be preferred, and a full history of the school and their wardens should be taken before keeping your child in any boarding schools.


More so, you should also look at the achievement of the school through their alumni. This will provide a glance at the status of the schools. The better the alumni, the better the school is. This aspect should also be observed.