ࡱ> 8:7[ Qbjbj  4 pa!\pa!\Q E'&&&&&&&$=(*&&&:&&$h&PykIP%&'0E'`%+ + &+&&&E'+> Z: @9LIST OF ARTICLES TO BE BROUGHT BY THE BOARDERS 1. THE HOSTEL STORE INCHARGE WILL PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING ITEMS TO THE STUDENTS AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION (Free of charge) A Bed A Mattress A Cupboard A Locker for Books A Study Table and chair (Only for Sr. Students) 2. THE HOSTEL STORE INCHARGE WILL PROVIDE THE BEDLINEN TO THE STUDENT (Charged to his Personal Account) i. Bed Sheet 3 Pieces ii. Pillow Cover 3 Pieces iii. Bed Cover 2 Pieces iv. Pillow 1 Piece 3. FOLLOWING ESSENTIAL CLOTHINGS AND OTHER ITEMS FOR THE HOSTEL WILL BE PROVIDED BY THE SCHOOL TUCK SHOP (On reasonable Payment) i) TEXT BOOKS AND NOTEBOOKS 1 Set each ii) STATIONERY ITEMS As per requirement iii) SCHOOL UNIFORM (Summers/Winter) 4) THE STUDENTS WILL BRING WITH THEM THE FOLLOWING ITEMS AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION: Black or Blue Jeans / Shorts (Non Stretchable) 2 Pieces Night Suit 2 Sets White Sports Shoes 1 Pair Slippers 1 Pair Undergarments 8 Sets Handkerchiefs 8 Pieces Bathing Towels 4 Pieces Hangers 12 Pieces Laundry Bag 1 Piece Party Dress 1 Set Shoe Polish / Shoe Brush (Black) 1 Set Light Cotton Blankets (Khes) 2 Pieces Small Locks with duplicate keys 2 Sets 5) THE STUDENTS WILL BRING WITH THEM THE FOLLOWING ITEMS FOR WINTERS ONLY: Woolen Blanket 1 Piece Quilt 1 Piece Muffler 1 Piece Woolen Cap 1 Piece Thermals (Inner Wear) 2 Sets 6) TOILETRIES REQUIRED (THE STUDENTS CAN BRING IT FROM HOME OR BUY IT FROM THE SCHOOL STORE) Soaps (bathing and washing), Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Soap Case, Nail Clipper, Shampoo, Hair Oil, Body Lotion, Cold Cream, Shaving Kit (Sr. Boys) etc. (As per requirement) PLEASE NOTE: Parents are requested not to give any cash, costly items, Audio System, Electric or Electronic Items, Perfume, Hair Gel, Video Games, Expensive Wrist Watches, Immersion Heater, Iron, Cell Phones etc. No eatables are allowed inside the hostel. Please label each of your childs belongings with his/her admission number, written with permanent marker. The school shoes are not available at the school tuck shop but can be provided on demand. ANY ITEMS OTHER THAN THE PRESCRIBED ONES, IF BROUGHT TO THE HOSTEL, WILL BE CONFISCATED AND DESTROYED. IF ANY OBJECTIONABLE MATERIAL / ARTICLE IS FOUND WITH THE STUDENT, THE SCHOOL AUTHORITIES WILL BE FORCED TO TAKE STRICT DISCPLINARY ACTION AGAINST THAT STUDENT. 7. IF ANY DAMAGE IS DONE TO THE SCHOOL PROPERTY, IT WILL BE BORNE BY THE STUDENT INCLUDING THE FINE IMPOSED. /26K   # L o r L R S \ ] t u x ɿɻ망hHh]hHh]5hQ|&hn^hQ|&hQ|&5>*hQ|&hn^5>*hQ|&hn^>*h%h hz_h:\hQ|&h:\5>*hQ|&h:\>*h!hzbhQ|&hzb5>*hQ|&hzb>* hz_hz_h0#h0#5>*CJ aJ 3/  o u gd75gdS p^gd%^gdz_`gdz_ ph^hgd! & F h^`gdz_gdz_$a$gd0# ! 2 B K L z  / ; A I W ] i |  # $ ' ] m n o ¸ҒhHh]hV5>*hHh]hV>*h h*h^EhHh]h7w#>*hHh]h^E5>*hHh]hHh]5>*hHh]hHh]>*hHh]h^E>*hHh]h) h755>*hQ|&hz_hn^hQ|&hn^5>*hHh]hHh]55 A L ! 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